"Providing services for the care and treatment of children and their families."

Residential and Foster Care Services

Since 1981, Ontario Family Group Homes ("OFGH") has been offering a wide range of highly structured residential treatment programs for youths aged seven to eighteen that encompass work programs, academic programs, life skills development, literacy skills, problem solving techniques, physical fitness, nutrition, personal hygiene, and independent living skills.

In addition we offer treatment foster care, extended youth care, and family support programs.

The youth placed in OFGH programs come with a range of issues such as family breakdown, conduct disorder, OCD, PDD, ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, sexual issues, running, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm or suicidal behavior, truancy and may require a specialized educational setting/program.  They require consistent care, support, guidance and supervision, although they can earn unsupervised community time depending on their progress and development in the program.

Programs & Foster Care Services

OFGH offers a wide range of Residential Treatment Homes for youths and their families ...

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"We pride ourselves on our proven track record in Residential Care and Community Services and the healthy, positive profile that we have established through our partnerships"